Feedback is incredibly important to me, as it allows me to continue shaping my teaching style to ensure that I'm helping students grow and learn throughout their musical journeys. I asked a few students and students' parents for feedback, and here's what they said.

reviews and testimonials

  • "My son has taken lessons from Marty for several years. Marty is a very talented and gifted teacher. My son loves music, and he has learned a lot from Marty. I would highly recommend him for any age or experience level."                      
    Brenda P, Pittsfield, MA.
  • "I bought a nice electric guitar, because I wanted one, even though I knew nothing about playing. My wife said I needed lessons (I'm 55). I saw Marty's sign, called him, and only took a couple of month's lessons. That was it. Marty cut to the chase with me, and I learned a lot! What he told me and showed me really changed things. That was 2014. I ran into a drummer, bassist, and a lead guitarist, and we jam and shred. Not 'stage ready' yet, but having a blast! Looking back, it was the best money I ever spent!"          Eric M, Stephentown, NY
  • "Thanks to Marty's tutelage, my son was able to perform at a very high level by the time he was 12. He played a Bach pizzicato piece flawlessly during an Easter Mass at our Church to thunderous applause. Marty also allowed my son to switch to bass and drums when his curiosity got the best of him. He became proficient in those instruments as well. Marty works in the student's best interest."                       Patrick K, Pittsfield, MA
  • "Music is timeless. Learning to play is a rewarding experience to everyone regardless of age. The trick is finding a teacher that can relate to and work with you. Marty is awesome. As patient as a saint, Marty extends his students' horizons regardless of age or background. I've found a great teacher and friend in Marty and I highly recommend him to anyone."          Debbie F, Pittsfield, MA
  • "Thank you, Marty, for helping me learn to play the guitar and finding the courage to sing. As a retiree, I find it's fun to learn a new skill. I look forward to my weekly lesson."          Richard D, Stephentown, NY
  • "If anyone wants to learn the guitar, or music in general, Marty Plankey is the go to guy. 15 years ago, I took lessons from Marty as a beginner, and I haven't stopped playing. Marty gives beginners a great foundation on their instrument while also sharing his passion for music to every student. If it weren't for Marty, I wouldn't be actively pursuing a career in music. If you're looking for a guitar teacher, look no further than Marty Plankey."          Mick H, Dalton, MA
  • "Marty is an excellent teacher. He loves music, he loves teaching, and he loves his students. My 10 year old always looks forward to her lesson. Marty teaches her something new or helps her perfect her technique with every lesson. We are so happy that we found him when we were looking for guitar lessons."                   Shelby H, Pittsfield, MA