Guitar, bass guitar, drums, even blues harmonica. Private lessons in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
Easy, fun and very affordable since 1988.

Music lessons should be enjoyable and not cost a fortune. Private, one-on-one lessons are just twenty dollars for a
45 minute session. I teach all ages and genres. Parents are encouraged to 'sit in' on their child's lessons so they can see and evaluate lesson content and student progress. Whether you're a retiree or a third grader, easy and affordable music lessons on a very flexible schedule are for everyone! 

Call me at 413-464-TUNE (8863).
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Electric bass instruction

I teach note reading, tablature, movable patterns, basic theory, and fretboard studies, which are all important elements in the study of the bass guitar.


Drum and percussion lessons

You will learn kit drumming, using the feet as well as the hands, focusing on downbeat vs. upbeat, and how the hands and feet work together to create simple and complex contemporary beats.